About us

Ubqart (Ubiquitous Art) is a new Mobile Social Network dedicated to art, populated by artists and their audience, but also to all those who are interested in contemporary art, both as amateurs and as potential buyers of artworks.

The social network aims to give life to a place for discussion and sharing of the work of living and active contemporary artists, as possible OPEN, ACCESSIBLE, DEMOCRATIC (meaning HORIZONTAL) and GLOBAL and perspective to create a disintermediated art market.

In Ubqart artists have the opportunity to register and publish, at no cost, images and videos of their works or their professional life, communicating the news on their activities to all persons belonging to the community, and through them to get in touch with a larger share of the public.

Users interested in art through Ubqart can appreciate the works posted by the artists, vote for them and comment on them but also republish, with a simple command via their mobile devices or computers, on all digital media from the other social networks that are directly connected .

Through Ubqart each artist communicates directly and simultaneously with all their "followers" or can exchange messages in real time with each individual user or with other artists.

With the mobile version, made through an app developed for Android devices and IOs (Apple), Ubqart allow users to locate studies / workshop or any other physical place of reference for the production of the artists included in the network easily by identifying those operating near points in which each time the user finds himself.

This way Ubqart offers a more effective opportunity to communicate directly, in real time, between the public and artists, enabling rapid schedule of visits and appointments at the studios / workshops and encouraging broader participation in events and openings. The additional purpose is to attract artists, encouraging them to experiment with diverse models of communication and direct interaction with the public and with the market.

The app is free to download from Ubqart 'Apple Store and Google Play or through the site www.ubqart.com